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I have first practicing Muaythai since I was 8-9 years old to nearly 10 years old. 
When I was young I was rewarded 
"Outstanding youth who conserved national art and culture(muaythai)"
And recently a few month ago. I was also rewarded "outstanding youth who brought reputation to my country(muaythai)" I am very glad and proud of my self who can perform typical thai arts and culture. But for me. my self I think I am not the best boxer. But I am the one who show Thai martial art to international stage. Muaythai is very  Unique of Thai nation.
 I would like to thank everyone who follow my performance  you can exchange muaythai knowledge with me anytime because we are muaythai family.
    We don't think we are the best but we just the first nation who established, And we have various means to excess  success.
    However I think successful sport person can start with gifted, But reach the dream with his or her experiences. Every Success depends on our attempts outstanding performance can not because succeeded by spoken speech, but your performance proved by it's long run

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